Fermentation Workshop - make probiotic foods at home

Fermentation Workshop - make probiotic foods at home

10 Nov 13:00 - 16:00 - Cranbourne North
Cranbourne North


Fermenting foods at home is making a come-back with good reason. Eating foods rich in probiotics is an excellent daily practice.

Most traditional peoples regularly consumed probiotic-rich foods. This was one of the ways they kept their gut flora healthy. Gut microbes are needed for many essential functions including protecting us from pathogenic microbes; maintaining the integrity of our gut wall; good immune system function; and the production of vitamins and other nutrients.

Did you know? One tablespoon of fermented vegetables contains around the same number of beneficial micro-organisms in a whole bottle of commercial probiotics!

In this workshop you will learn how to prepare a range of fermented foods safely, and how to recognise when your ferment is ready. Making basic fermented foods is fool-proof when you understand the principles involved. You will learn how to make 4 popular fermented foods: sauerkraut, pickled vegetable (e.g. onions, beans, carrots, medley), kombucha, kefir plus whey. Your experience will include learning the theory of preservation by fermentation; hands-on practical tasks; and tastings. With your new skills and knowledge, you will gain the confidence to branch out to make dozens of other fermented foods if you wish.

Cost: $30 (includes handouts plus kombucha and kefir cultures). Limited to 6 participants. Places secured when payment is received.

To RSVP please email lorraine@caseynaturalhealthcare.com.au
For more information, call Lorraine 0403 845 278

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